Dual Diagnosis

Many of those who seek help for addiction at Alcohol Treatment San Antonio also suffer from a psychiatric illness which makes quitting extremely difficult. Mental illnesses like depression, bi-polar disorder, schizophrenia and anxiety have all been proven to play a role in causing and perpetuating addiction. Alcohol Treatment San Antonio specializes in assisting those who need to get a grip on their mental health while also getting sober. Trained addiction counselors are standing by all day every day to guide someone down the path to sobriety.

Dual diagnosis treatment includes helping someone alleviate their mental health issues while also teaching them valuable skills to help them stay sober after leaving rehab. There are a wide variety of treatment options available so everyone can find the method that works best for them. A rehab center is a safe, secure and effective place to make a positive lifestyle change. If you’ve never tried to quit with help then it’s time to call Alcohol Treatment San Antonio right away.

A treatment center gives someone the best opportunity to overcome addiction. It doesn’t matter what substances you are addicted to or for how long you used, Alcohol Treatment San Antonio can help you get clean and stay clean. Call today for more information about how a treatment center can help you.  

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